Inquiry into function of tidal energy in UK’s low carbon mix

Inquiry into function of tidal energy in UK’s low carbon mix: The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has launched a new inquiry into the role of tidal energy in the UK’s low carbon energy mix & the nation’s obligation to evolve into net zero by 2050.

While tidal power generation is alleged to have compelling potential in the UK, the technology is still at the early stages of development and as a result not been rolled out in spite of 80% of the public supporting tidal & wave deployment.

When evaluating the possibility of a tidal lagoon fleet in 2017, the government noted that the tidal capital cost per unit of annual power output is more than other energy sources.

The EAC will be checking into these concerns and more and is encouraging written submissions as part of the inquiry.

They should concentrate on – but not be defined to – the offering of tidal power towards the UK’s energy mix, locations where one type of tidal technology is better suited & how financial support could be assembled to help technological and project development in the area.

Additionally this is why, despite the abundant marine resources available, have relatively few developers established tidal projects, how tidal schemes could lower costs to become commercially competitive with other low carbon or renewable options & the environmental effects of tidal schemes and how they might be minimised.

The EAC is welcoming evidence up to 18th December 2020.

Inquiry into function of tidal energy in UK’s low carbon mix

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