Households find bills increase since lockdown: Globally almost 39% of people say their utility bills, including water, heating, air conditioning, electricity, phone, internet and TV services, have gone up since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The latest global Ipsos survey shows as just one of its findings, it says a majority of people in 26 countries say the costs of goods and services and food, have gone up since the coronavirus outbreak started.

In the UK almost 60% of the respondents believe the pandemic has increased the overall cost of living.

By region, 72% of those in the Middle East and Africa, were most likely to say costs have risen, whereas 75% of people in Latin America said costs had risen – more than a third also said fuel costs and transportation had decreased, as a possible consequence of less travel during lockdown restrictions.

Around 56% of people in Turkey said prices have risen, followed by 52% of Malaysians, 51% of Britons and 50% of Canadians.

Households find bills increase since lockdown

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