Government looks to home prototype fusion energy plant

Government looks to home prototype fusion energy plant: The UK Government has started a search for a appropriate location to house a recent prototype fusion energy power plant, that will potentially supply an unlimited supply of clean energy to the country.

The UK expects to become the first country in the world to commercialise fusion energy technology, that replicates the methods that happen inside the sun to create very large amounts of power.

Local neighbourhoods throughout the UK are being asked to come forward with proposals by the end of March 2021. An acceptable candidate will have enough land conditions, grid connection & water supply, including the necessary social, commercial and technical requirements.

Titled the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) project, the plant has previously obtained a £222 million funding commitment from the government and will be delivered through the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

It would probably make the UK a hub of fusion science and generate thousands of new local highly-skilled jobs across its local region and aims for completion by 2040.

Business and Energy Secretary Alok Sharma stated: “We want the UK to be a trailblazer in developing fusion energy by capitalising on its incredible potential as a limitless clean energy source that could last for generations to come.

“Communities across the country have an incredible opportunity to secure their place in the history books as the home of STEP, helping the UK to be the first country in the world to commercialise fusion and creating thousands of highly skilled jobs to drive our Green Industrial Revolution.”

Government looks to home prototype fusion energy plant

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