EV charge point installations cost reduced

EV charge point installations cost reduced: Installing rapid charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) at service stations is being looked at by a new project that has been launched, which aims to reduce the costs.

More than £1 million is being invested by Western Power Distribution (WPD) to design, test and trial new technology to deliver the electricity capacity required for rapid EV chargers.

Compared to the technology currently being used, it is expected to save up to £500,000 per site installation.

It says, if it were to be rolled out to 75% of existing service stations, this would represent a total saving of £33.3 million across the UK.

WPD suggests can easily and quickly delivery capacity for around 40 rapid chargers per service station site, by using a ‘one size fits all’ solution which will provide “plug and play” components..

Currently at the design stage, the project has a build due to start in October 2020.

Aiming to get rapid charging up and running at its Exeter service station by March 2021, it is being launched in collaboration with the UK’s largest motorway services operator Moto.

Being trialled over a six-month period, the installation will be evaluated for performance of the new solution, the benefits generated and the associated learnings.

WPD’s DSO Development Manager Paul Jewell said: “Government and industry have long identified the importance of making widespread rapid charging available at service stations. If we are to encourage the take up of EVs, we need to make charging in all scenarios easier and quicker. Our Take Charge project provides a ready-made solution for the installation of rapid chargers at service stations. Not only will the project cut costs, but it will make the installation of rapid chargers easier across the whole of the UK.

“Ultimately it is our hope that this project will ensure that EV drivers on journeys of all lengths are never far away from a rapid charger and that service stations have the capacity required to meet expected demand.”

EV charge point installations cost reduced

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