EU Commission direct France to Court over air quality

EU Commission direct France to Court over air quality: The European Commission has concludede to refer France to the Court of Justice due to poor air quality regarding  high levels of particulate matter (PM10).

That’s according to the Commission from data provided by France which confirms the “systematic failure” to meet EU rules on PM10 limit values in the zones of Paris & Martinique for 12 and 14 years respectively.

When the limit values agreed by the EU’s ambient air quality legislation are surpassed, member states are obligated to adopt plans relating to air quality as well as guarantee these plans include suitable measures to keep the span of the exceedance period as short as possible.

The Commission staes France “has not respected” the daily limit values relevant to PM10 particles, as this has been legally binding since 2005.

Its conclusion is the second referral of France to the Court due to non-compliance with EU air quality standards.

The Court discovered through a judgment in October 2019 that France did not comply with the limit values pertinant to the concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in 12 air quality zones.

The European Green Deal adopted by the Commission in December 2019 puts importance on reducing air pollution as this is among the key factors affecting human health.

EU Commission direct France to Court over air quality

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