Essex waste-to-energy facility gets go-ahead; A Rivenhall, Essex waste-to-energy (EfW) facility, has been given the go ahead after securing a revised environmental permit from the UK Environment Agency.

The 49MW waste management plant will use biodegradable waste diverted from landfill and imported from abroad to burn to generate energy.

The project will operate to strict emissions limits to ensure that a 35-metre incinerator chimney height does not lead to any reduction in local air quality and is expected to supply enough electricity to power more than 60,000 homes

The company’s application proposed a number of ways in which it would strive to reduce pollution, aiming to meet the stricter limits,

Frank Saunders from the Environment Agency  said: “We are now allowing a stack height of 35 metres that we originally rejected in 2016.

“However, we believe that a lower stack is acceptable but only in conjunction with the significantly lower emission limits.”

Essex waste-to-energy facility gets go-ahead

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