EON provide smart meter installation help to larger market

EON provide smart meter installation help to larger market: E.ON is continuing its smart metering installation & assistance expertise to other energy suppliers in order to help meet their installation targets & encourage a successful nationwide turn out.

It is presenting a range of choices, containing meter financing, consultancy & installation under its E.ON Smart Installation Services.

Suppliers can obtain engineer training at E.ON’s committed smart meter academy, long term or temporary ‘hire’ of E.ON’s skilled engineers to begin installations and advising on smart metering methods.

E.ON has thus far installed 3 million smart meters for their customers.

Chris Lovatt, Chief Operating Officer of E.ON Energy Infrastructure Services stated: “Smart meters are the crucial stepping stone to the UK’s future energy system, giving people the tools they need to manage and reduce their energy use while also unlocking innovations in the energy market that can help tackle the climate crisis.

“With more than a decade’s experience and as the UK’s leading installer of SMETS2 meters, we’re pleased to launch E.ON Smart Installation Services. Our extensive experience, expertise and capabilities can help other suppliers to meet their targets and just as importantly, help their customers benefit from accurate bills and personalised information about their energy use.

“Ultimately, our commitment to the smart metering programme is about transforming our national energy infrastructure for the better, helping improve people’s relationships with their energy use and building a smarter energy system that’s fit for the future.”

EON provide smart meter installation help to larger market

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