Energy firms sign up to improve disability related diversity

Energy firms sign up to improve disability related diversity: Many energy firms which include DTEK, EDF Energy, ENEOS Holdings & PSEG, have signed up to an action to improve disability related diversity all across the sector.

The Valuable 500 is a network of global CEOs dedicated to diversity as it points out that only 3% of media articles discussing diversity mention disability & emphasises that this figure has only risen by 1% in the last 5 years.

It hopes to transform how businesses work for the benefit of all those with a disability and its members have now joined total assets of over $5 trillion (£3.75tn) throughout 55 sectors.

The organisation said: “It is clear that while there is a growing increase in awareness around disability inclusion, it is still not as firmly embedded in the diversity & inclusion agenda as it should be and is often a forgotten aspect of this conversation – particularly when it comes to business leadership. The Valuable 500 is working to tackle this critical issue.”

Caroline Casey, Founder of The Valuable 500, added: “We are thrilled to welcome the newest of The Valuable 500 members on board in the midst of the continuing pandemic.

“We believe in collaboration rather than competition and the multiplier effect of the collective impact of 500 leading CEOs and brands. I am confident that over the next decade, if the business community pulls together and stands united in ensuring disability inclusion is a central part of their leadership agenda, we can truly make a difference globally.”

Energy firms sign up to improve disability related diversity

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