Council suspends green traffic scheme: Transport for London’s (TfL) green transport scheme is being suspended by Wandsworth Council, in the area due to confusion and long traffic queues.

Funded by the government and TfL, the Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme, was introduced to limit access to certain areas for motor vehicles and help eliminate pollution spikes.

Implemention of these measures by the local authority was on a trial basis to tackle air quality and encourage people to use more sustainable forms of transport, but has noticed the scheme contributed to a higher level of congestion.

The decision to suspend the project was taken after the combination of additional changes on red route roads in the borough led to higher traffic flows.

Wandsworth Council’s Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transportation, Councillor John Locker said: “It is clear that the LTNs are not delivering the benefits we want to see. In fact, it looks like the combination of changes in areas like Tooting, where TfL are making changes to the main high road, are unfortunately having the opposite effect.

“That is why we have taken the difficult decision to pause and re-think about how we can achieve our objective of delivering healthier, safer streets. We all want to do what is right environmentally, whilst maintaining people’s ability to travel and making sure town centres and high streets function properly.”

Wandsworth Conservatives in a statement, claimed the scheme is causing ‘traffic chaos’ and ‘excessive amounts of pollution’.

Council suspends green traffic scheme

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