Coronavirus ‘poses no threat to the grid’: Coronavirus poses no threat to the UK’s power grid.

That’s the suggestion from Professor Phil Hart, Director of Energy and Power at Cranfield University. who spoke to Energy Live News about the global pandemic and its potential effects on energy infrastructure.

He said: “The grid should have no challenges meeting the needs of remote working or school closure. Our power transmission and distribution systems are extremely robust and over recent years energy efficiency measures means our overall power consumption as a country has reduced.

“Wholesale relocation of computers and additional household loads due to people being there have an extremely small chance of upsetting the grid systems in any way. Offices closing offer the opportunity to reduce overall loading significantly, if things like air conditioning are turned off/down, and/or lighting and ancillary systems are turned off.

“Avoidance and reduction of these electrical loads coupled with reduced fuel use for commuting should have a positive impact on the environment with no meaningful negative impacts on our national electrical infrastructure.”

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