Cornwall Insight named as a partner on project Rewire-NW: Cornwall Insight, an energy consultancy, research and analytics company, is pleased to announce that it is a partner in Prospering from the Energy Revolution project Rewire-NW. A two-year project that will design a smart local energy system for the Warrington area.

The project, led by Pure Leapfrog, aims to improve efficiency and productivity of Warrington’s energy system by optimising the current energy infrastructure and bring forward proposals to adapt it to be able to deliver average cost savings of 25% and meet Carbon Budget Five.

Project partners are drawn from across the energy industry, local government and academia. Cornwall Insight will deliver the market insight and segmentation, commercial and regulatory elements of the project.

This project is funded through the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) “Detailed Designs for Smart Local Energy Systems” with 50% of the £2.8m funding coming from the project partners.

Dan Starman, Lead Consultant at Cornwall Insight, said:

“Net zero requires a step-change in new technology adoption and the development of new business models. The solution to delivering zero greenhouse gas emissions is likely to be highly driven by local resources and spatial distribution of assets and consumers. It may require alterations to the current regulatory environment in addition to those currently being progressed by Ofgem and BEIS.”

“Being part of the ambitious Rewire-NW project will allow us to test these new models with a range of other innovative businesses to drive decarbonisation at a reduced cost. It will also highlight regulation that impedes their development and allow us to propose amendments to deliver a lower-carbon future.”

Cornwall Insight named as a partner on project Rewire-NW – Article kindly provided by Cornwall insight

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