Comments on negative wholesale prices across the SEM: Research from Cornwall Insight Ireland shows a continuation of the power markets in the Single Electricity Market (SEM) out turning negative. From the 5th of July, all Intraday and day-ahead markets in the SEM have displayed periods where daily market activity has averaged below €0.0/MWh.


Since April, the SEM has seen a total of 16 negative pricing events, shown in the below graph. This has predominantly occurred in the intraday one market (five times) and on the day-ahead market (four times).

Comments on negative wholesale prices across the SEM


Joe Camish, Analyst at Cornwall Insight, said:


“Such negative pricing events have only started to occur this year. The first event observed on the 5th of April when the day-ahead and intraday one market averaged -€2.5/MWh and -€4.6/MWh respectively.


“This is primarily due to a drop in power demand, because COVID-19 measures and strong periods of renewables output have created a perfect storm for negative prices. These negative pricing events also have predominantly occurred over the weekend (15 out of the 16 times), a period of lower demand compared to weekdays.


“While this may benefit flexibility providers, these low prices will be a cause for concern for generators, whose revenues could be significantly affected if this price cannibalisation effect continues.


“With increasing renewables penetration across the SEM, this will be a trend to watch out for as more intermittent renewables capacity comes online.”

Comments on negative wholesale prices across the SEM – Post kindly provided by Cornwall Insight

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