CO2 emissions dropped 7% in 2020 because of pandemic: Global greenhouse gas emissions dropped by nearly 2.4 billion tonnes this year, which is a 7% drop from 2019.

That’s reported by new research by the University of East Anglia (UAE), the University of Exeter & the Global Carbon Project. The research suggests the decrease in the global emissions in 2020 was the biggest on record.

The data of the report show daily global carbon emissions plunged by 17% throughout the April peak of the pandemic.

The US noticed the biggest lowering in carbon emissions of 12%, which is followed by the EU at 11% as reported.

The UK brought in lockdown measures in March, emissions are estimated to have decreased by around 13%.

The major decrease in UK emissions is because of the lockdown restrictions & the 2nd wave of the pandemic, as reported by the analysis.

China had a fall of 1.7% meanwhile India had carbon dioxide emissions drop of 9%.

The authors of the report believe a switch in people’s travel patterns & a fall in transportation pushed the global drop in carbon emissions.

Emissions from vehicles and air travel fell by almost half amid the peak of Covid-19 pandemic in April and by December dropped about 10% & 40% accordingly from 2019 positions.

Researchers claim carbon emissions will most likely rebound in 2021 unless government lay out a plan to shift to renewable energy and policies that combat climate change.

Corinne Le Quéré, Royal Society Research Professor at the UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences, announced: “All elements are not yet in place for sustained decreases in global emission, and emissions are slowly edging back to 2019 levels.”

“Incentives that help accelerate the deployment of electric cars and renewable energy and support walking and cycling in cities are particularly timely given the extensive disturbance observed in the transport sector this year.”

CO2 emissions dropped 7% in 2020 because of pandemic

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