Cable strikes up by 46% since end of lockdown: Incidents of cable strikes have gone up by 46% since the end of the national coronavirus lockdown.

New research by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) have suggested almost a third of construction workers and energy industry professionals are risking their lives because they fail to check for underground electricity cables whilst digging on site.

Discoveries of the report also point out that in the last five years, a sum of 354 people have gone through life-changing injuries after striking a live underground electricity cable.

Analysts believe since 2015, every year an average of 70 people were seriously injured because of contact with underground electricity cables with nearly 50% of all cases reported on public highways, construction sites & industrial buildings.

The reseach points out that tradespeople admit they fail to check for underground electricity cables because they don’t feel it’s their responsibility or they don’t believe they will dig deep enough to hit anything.

Peter Vujanic, Chair of ENA’s Public Safety Committee remarked: “It’s extremely concerning to hear that even though construction workers are one of the most-at-risk groups of injury involving underground electricity cables, more than one in four fail to check for cables before beginning work.

“With the proper education and support, these issues can be addressed and ultimately, lives can be saved.”

Cable strikes up by 46% since end of lockdown

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