Brexit can prove a catalyst for decarbonising the UK’s energy systems and driving the adoption of technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs).

That’s the suggestion from George Freeman MP, Minister of State at the Department for Transport, who spoke at the release of a new report published by the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce exploring how the UK should best transition to a clean and electrified mobility network.

He said while campaigning door-to-door in the election campaign, he realised many people had an “overpowering wish” to “get Brexit done” but to make it worthwhile – he suggested leaving the EU could prove a moment of “profound national renewal” and noted that while “huge challenges” lie ahead, they are very achievable.

He added: “One of the ways that we can make this post-Brexit moment a moment of healing is to lean in and tackle the things that those people who were worried Brexit would be a distraction from that we’re going to make it a catalyst for tackling as part of our programme for national renewal.”

The Minister stressed the UK must become a leader in the green economy, green investment and green jobs and said although 2050 targets seem a long way away, they will arrive “very quickly” – as a result, he said it was vital to decentralise government powers, incentivise adoption, “go with the grain of customers” and work cohesively with local authorities.

He highlighted the plan must be realistic while ensuring government departments, businesses and UK citizens work together “to deliver the road to zero”.

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