Biofuel supplier gets six-figure backing to power NHS: HSBC UK has provided a Barnsley based biofuel supplier, with six-figure funding to provide biofuel to an NHS hospital during the Covid-19 crisis.

The funding will ensure Biofuels and Oils can pay all its staff involved in the production and delivery of fuel and keep backup generators at hospitals fuelled with a sustainable alternative to diesel.

Managing Director of BioFuels & Oils, Colin Campbell said: “HSBC UK worked quickly to ensure additional funding was put in place, so we can continue to supply fuel to the NHS hospitals throughout the coronavirus crisis.”

Relationship Manager for HSBC UK, Vivek Joshi added: “The dedication of the NHS staff throughout this difficult period has been phenomenal, so when the opportunity came to show a sign of support to a company directly supporting the NHS, we were happy to help.”

Biofuels and Oils is Britain’s oldest registered International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) company.

Biofuel supplier gets six-figure backing to power NHS

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