66% of branded food packaging is not fully recyclable: The UK’s best-selling branded groceries come in packaging of which almost two-thirds is not fully recyclable.

New research by the product review platform Which? shows, that looked across ten top-selling categories of food and drink consisting of 89 popular branded groceries and found only 34% had packaging that could be fully recycled.

Four-in-ten products had no labelling to show if they could be recycled, the analysis also highlighted.

Crisps had the lowest recyclability rate researchers found, who looked at ten different categories of items, including popular brands of chocolate, crisps, yoghurts, cheese and cereals.

Almost a third of the chocolate snacks packaging used, was not recyclable.Which? found.

The most recyclable category, which were found to be 100% recyclable, was fizzy drinks.

Which? Head of Home Products and Services, Natalie Hitchins said: “Consumers are crying out for brands that take sustainability seriously and products that are easy to recycle, but for any real difference to be made to the environment, manufacturers need to maximise their use of recyclable and recycled materials and ensure products are correctly labelled.

“To reduce the waste that goes to landfill, the government must make labelling mandatory, simple and clear, enabling shoppers to know exactly how to dispose of the packaging on the products they consume.”

66% of branded food packaging is not fully recyclable

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