250 UK homes to get free heat pumps: Low carbon heat pumps are set to be installed in a total of 250 homes across  250 homes across Newcastle-upon-Tyne for free from July.

BEIS and E.ON have launched the scheme with the intention of investigating ways of encouraging people to take a greater uptake in adopting low carbon heating instead of traditional gas boilers.

Ahead of the proposed ban on installing gas boilers in new homes from 2025, the initiative will also explore whether the expansion of low carbon heating technology will be possible .

Along with a range of innovative secondary technologies, such as thermal stores, the free installations of heat pumps will be offered mainly to homes which already have gas central heating and will be complemented by energy tariffs, checks and usage advice to ensure the technology is operating properly.

Using data captured from its satellite imaging technology and Newcastle City Council, E.ON, which has secured £3.9 million governmental funding, will identify suitable customers.

The duration of the scheme is expected to be extended until March 2022, the plan is to install the heat pumps in July by the energy company.

Newcastle City Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Communities, Clare Penny-Evans said: “For us, this is not just about the 250 homes that will benefit now, but what we hope it will teach us so that we might in the future be able to apply this technology right across our communities and support local jobs and businesses in the green economy.”

CEO of E.ON UK, Michael Lewis said: “The way we heat our homes is now one of the UK’s largest contributors to climate change. Working with BEIS and Newcastle City Council, we’ll demonstrate that heat pumps are one of the smart, personalised and sustainable solutions that will help us in meeting that challenge.”

250 UK homes to get free heat pumps

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