Will Wärtsilä’s new energy storage solution be pure gold?

Will Wärtsilä’s new energy storage: Wärtsilä is to provide a full energy storage solution for a hybrid power project at an off-grid gold mine in Mali.

The technology firm will optimise the energy system of the remote Fekola Mine, which will ultimately host a combination of renewables and an energy storage control system in order to improve its operations, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce its carbon footprint.

Wärtsilä will design and engineer a 17MW energy storage system for B2Gold, the Canadian-based owner of the mine.

The Fekola Mine currently relies on conventional liquid fossil fuels for its power is also expected to see improved power reliability as a result of these upgrades.

It is said to be the first mine in the region to adopt energy storage and solar technologies – Wärtsilä’s technology will not only control the new energy storage system, but will also manage a new 30MW solar plant currently under construction and optimise energy production for the entire mine.

Risto Paldanius, Business Development Director, Energy Storage and Optimisation at Wärtsilä Energy Business, said: “Hybrid solutions with renewable energy sourced power operations, are a realistic and effective means for increasing energy reliability and lowering operating costs for the mining sector.

“These remote locations are ideally suited for hybrid systems. Our extensive experience with microgrids in various climatic and geographical conditions will help the Fekola mine and others of its kind to achieve their environmental and cost-saving goals.”

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