US to formally exit: The US has begun the process of withdrawing from the Paris climate change agreement.

It has formally notified the UN, starting a year-long process of exiting the global climate deal, under which global nations have committed to keep rising temperatures below 2°C.

The US has to wait a year before finally leaving the deal.

President Donald Trump previously described the climate deal as “terrible” and “one-sided” and said it was a “total disaster for our country”.

He also claimed the US has “among the very cleanest air and drinking water on Earth” and that the country is at a “very, very good point environmentally right now”.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made the announcement on Twitter.

In a Tweet earlier this week, he said: “Today we begin the formal process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. The US is proud of our record as a world leader in reducing all emissions, fostering resilience, growing our economy and ensuring energy for our citizens. Ours is a realistic and pragmatic model.”

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