Shipping giant Maersk to trial battery solution

Shipping giant Maersk is to pilot the use of a 600kWh battery system to improve power production on board its ships.

It will fit the system to the Maersk Cape Town in December 2019 – it says it expects the upgrade to improve vessel performance and reliability while reducing carbon emissions.

The battery will be used to improve the efficiency of vessels’ onboard electrical systems, such as generators – by keeping these devices running at a more optimal load and avoiding the use of generators when they are not needed, Maersk says overall fuel consumption will be reduced.

The battery system, which can recharge from waste heat from the exhaust system, will also be capable of providing redundant power and improving reliability.

Søren Toft, Maersk COO, said: “This trial will provide a greater understanding of energy storage that will support Maersk in moving towards further electrification of its fleet and port terminals.

“Maersk will continue to facilitate, test and develop low-carbon solutions on our journey to become carbon neutral by 2050.”

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