Reverse vending machine hits the market to tackle waste

Reverse vending machine: New ‘reverse vending machines’ could be a vital part of changing consumer behaviour and tackling the issue of plastic and metal waste and pollution.

That’s the prediction from Andy Jacobs, CEO of ACM Environmental, the distributor of a new range of innovative devices under the EcoVend brand.

The machines incentivise recycling by allowing plastic bottles and aluminium cans to be deposited in return for rewards such as vouchers, discounts or charitable donations – they are able to scan the item to check it is recyclable and weigh it to ensure it is empty.

They then automatically sort, compact and store drinks containers, stopping them from being binned and ending up in landfill or the environment.

ACM Environmental claims the reverse vending machines have already achieved impressive levels of user engagement across Europe, Asia and the Americas, leading to up to 97% of beverage container waste being recycled in some countries.

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