Premier Inn owner to check out single-use plastics

The owner of brands like Premier Inn and Beefeater has pledged to eliminate the use of “unnecessary” single-use plastics by 2025.

Whitbread is carrying out a review of plastic and packaging across its supply chain and intends to work closely with its suppliers to map out plastic usage and find alternatives to single-use items.

The pledge is expected to remove hundreds of millions of unnecessary single-use plastics such as sauce sachets, food and textile packaging.

It follows the company’s announcement to ditch the use of plastic straws and stirrers last year.

Premier Inn Managing Director Simon Ewins said: “Whitbread has a long history of minimising the unnecessary use of single-use plastics – Premier Inn has never used miniature bath and shower products and we were one of the first businesses to eliminate plastic straws and stirrers, so we’ve already made huge steps, particularly in terms of consumer-facing plastics – this is just the start.

“In many ways what we’re looking at now with our 2025 commitment is the less visible, less sexy stuff – the hard yards that collectively can make a huge difference.

“As with any meaningful commitment to change – it won’t happen overnight but we’re unwavering in our belief that eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics is absolutely the right thing to do for our business, our guests and the environment.”

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