Waste coffee cups: A papermaker has created a new cartridge paper made in part from used coffee cups.

James Cropper has created the range for Seawhite of Brighton, which produces items such as notebooks and sketchpads.

Using its innovative CupCycling technology, it has created a cartridge paper made up of 80% recycled materials.

The firm says the new range aims to help to reduce the number of takeaway cups thrown away in the UK each year – currently this figure totals around 2.5 billion.

The new paper has a thickness of 140 grams per square metre and is suitable for both writing and artwork purposes.

Richard Burnett, Market Sector Manager at James Cropper, said: “Strengthening our 15-year legacy with an organisation so firmly grounded in the creative industries aligns with our own commitment to produce beautiful papers that fuel creativity.

“To date, we have recycled over 100 million coffee cups at our CupCycling facility, however we have the capacity to convert up to 500 million per year into papers and packaging. Partnerships with companies such as Seawhite of Brighton prove that circular design has a firm place and presents a viable option in many industries.”

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