There are now more than seven million people signed up to the UK’s network companies’ registers for vulnerable energy customers.

The Energy Networks Association has launched a campaign called ‘Be Winter Ready’ to encourage consumers to prepare for the outages severe weather in the winter may bring, damaging energy infrastructure and disrupting supplies.

It highlights in recent years the chances of unscheduled problems with electricity and gas supply have dropped dramatically – on average, electricity customers experience a power cut less than once every two years and gas distribution customers will have their gas supply interrupted without advance notice just once every 140 years.

David Smith, Chief Executive of the Energy Networks Association, said: “The networks constantly review the resilience of infrastructure and there are robust plans in place to deal with the damage caused by extreme weather.

“However, we want the public to know there are things they can do to ‘Be Winter Ready’ and ensure that those customers who do have a power cut or gas emergency know exactly who to call so that they can get reconnected quickly and be as fully prepared as possible.”

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