Moixa and EO Charging team up to drive solar & storage

Clean energy technology company Moixa and EO Charging have joined forces to develop a smart home battery and solar package for electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

The system will allow consumers to use the electricity generated from their solar panels to charge their EV battery as well as store energy for use in their homes.

The solution includes an EV charger and a 4.8kWh smart battery, which will be connected to customers’ solar panels and managed via GridShare, Moixa’s smart energy management software.

The companies claim consumers will be able to reduce their energy bills as well as the cost of driving their EVs.

Chris Wright, Chief Technology Officer at Moixa said: “We believe that the combination of smart home batteries and EV chargers will bring unprecedented value to homeowners and the energy system as a whole. It will allow the local consumption of household solar generation to be maximised, avoiding costly and inefficient redistribution of exported excess solar power, benefitting the entire energy system.

“At the same time, customers will be able to take full advantage of emerging smart tariffs and benefit from the cheap overnight energy for car charging whilst covering their household consumption during peak pricing with their Moixa Smart Battery, automatically minimising their energy bills.”

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