A free solar panel scheme has been launched to help organisations and businesses cut their energy bills and slash their environmental footprint.

Third party intermediary Monarch Partnership’s initiative means property owners can generate their own renewable power on-site without having to pay for any installation costs – instead, the energy generated will be supplied to the grid, with the user then able to purchase it back at a discounted fixed-tariff rate.

The firm says the move will help to fill a gap left by the closure of the Feed-in-Tariff scheme, which offered financial incentives to those generating their own renewable energy.

Monarch Partnership claims the deal will offer businesses that get involved an average reduction of a third on their annual energy bill.

Any power requirements above what the panels can produce will continue to be provided by the organisation’s original supplier.

Stephanie Strange, Carbon Consultant at Monarch Partnership, said: “This new scheme reinstates the financial incentives for renewable generation that disappeared along with the feed-in-tariff.

“Not only does it support energy cost management but will unlock emissions savings at a time when the carbon footprint of the UK’s building stock is coming under increased scrutiny as part of Government climate-change targets.”

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