Eco friendly pots spring up for greener houseplants

A startup has launched a range of innovative and eco friendly plant pots able to self-water houseplants and help cut carbon emissions.

The origami-like flat-pack product is the creation of POTR Pots, launched by designers Andrew Flynn and Martin Keane.

They say the 100% recycled and recyclable plastic pots prevent adding to the volume of waste that ends up in landfill and have committed to change the way all products are designed and manufactured in the future.

Their eco friendly pots can be packed in an envelope, minimising the carbon footprint of transport and delivery – the creators claim they produce only 1% of the carbon footprint associated with traditional plant pots, due to the novel method of delivery and by not having to create new materials like concrete or clay.

The new owner has to pull a cotton cord to erect the pot, before tying it and tucking it inside the pot.

It then acts like a wick, drawing up water left in the outer pot whenever the plant needs hydration.

The product’s creators say all materials have been sourced from within Europe to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting raw materials and note all manufacturing is carried out in the UK.

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