Eco-packaging firm PALLITE plants 2,000 trees

Eco-packaging firm PALLITE: A Northamptonshire-based eco-friendly packaging firm has planted 2,000 trees in the Scottish Highlands.

PALLITE, which provides paper-based pallets, boxes, layer pads and warehouse storage solutions, pledged to plant the trees after receiving £1.2 million in crowdfunding to grow its business, develop innovative products and enhance its environmental credentials.

It provided the trees to conservation charity Trees for Life, which is working to save Scotland’s ancient Caledonian Forest and the wildlife that lives in it.

PALLITE CEO Iain Hulmes said: “Our trees will be carefully planted in protected sites across the Highlands, where they will create new homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

“As a business that places huge importance on reducing the detrimental impact human activity – and the packaging industry in particular – has on our planet, it feels great to be able to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change in this way.”

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