Daily Energy Market Report Monday 30th July 2018


This morning the system has opened 6.9mcm long as and demand is 7.4mcm below season normal levels.

Wind generation for today and tomorrow is forecasted to be higher, easing recent power burn demand alas this is set to be short – lived as temperatures are expected to rise and wind levels fall as we move closer to the weekend.

MRS sites are next injecting 7mcm this morning due to lower prices at the prompt and long system, there are currently no unplanned outages on the Norwegian continental shelf and exports to the continent are 2mcm lower versus Fridays level.

Flows into Greifswald via the Nord Stream are back online following maintenance, which should add weight to the TTF and both German hubs.

Russian LNG from the Yamal terminal is set to arrive into Isle of Grain on Friday but it will be interesting to see if this is reloaded; a Qatari shipment is set to berth into South Hook on Friday 10th August.

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